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luglio 17, 2006


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South Hampton1982
Annie Hall – 1977
Woody Allen & Marshall Brickman

Alvy’s and Annie’s voices are heard over the wind-browned exterior of a beach house in the Hamptons. As they continue to talk, the camera moves inside the house. Alvy is picking up chairs, trying to get at the group of lobsters crawling on the floor.  Dishes are stacked up in a drying rack, and bags of groceries sit on the counter.  There’s a table and chairs near the refrigerator. 

Alvy, now don’t panic.  Please.

Look, I told you it was a … mistake 
to ever bring a live thing in the house.

Stop it!  Don’t … don’t do that!  There.
The lobsters continue to crawl on the floor.  Annie, bolding out a wooden paddle, tries to shove them onto it

Well, maybe we should just call the police.  
Dial nine-one-one, it’s the lobster squad.

Come on, Alvy, they’re only baby ones, for 
God’s sake.

If they’re only babies, then you pick 
‘em up.

Oh, all right.  All right!  It’s all 
right.  Here.

She drops the paddle and picks up one of the lobsters by the tail.  Laughing, she shoves it at Alvy who jerks backward, squeamishly.

Don’t give it to me.  Don’t!

Oooh!  Here!  Here!

Look!  Look, one crawled behind the 
refrigerator.  It’ll turn up in our bed 
at night. 
(They move over to the refrigerator; 
Alvy moves as close to the wall as 
possible as Annie, covering her mouth 
and laughing hysterically, teasingly 
dangles a lobster in front of him) 
Will you get outta here with that thing?  

(Laughing, to the lobster) 
Get him!

Talk to him.  You speak shellfish! 
(He moves over to the stove and 
takes the lid of a large steamer 
filled with boiling water) 
Hey, look … put it in the pot.

I can’t!  I can’t put him in the pot.  I 
can’t put a live thing in hot water.

Gimme!  Gimme!  Let me do it!  What-what’s 
he think we’re gonna do, take him to the 

Annie hands the lobster to Alvy as he takes it very carefully and drops it gingerly into the pot and puts the cover back on.


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